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2019 is the year that I became a Runner.

Well, it's unfair to simply make a statement like that, without SOME context......
Halfway through 2018, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle, lose some weight, and be a little more healthy. What actually happened, was that something inside me just "clicked" and I found the discipline to be dedicated to something that was really hard. And I went from 280lbs at my heaviest, to 170lbs.
But that was 2018.... In 2018 I lost weight. 
2019 is the year that I became a RUNNER. I'm still kind of wrapping my head around this new revelation that "I'm a runner." I may not be as fast as some, or have as much endurance as others; but I'm a runner, learning to run for me.
I never ran before 2019... Not with purpose anyway. Anytime I've HAD to run in my life, it was never something I wanted to do , and definitely wasn't something that I was willing to work at, or *gasp* do on purpose..... But the proof is now in the pudding. I now look forward to my …

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